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Amazing Places: Upper Salmon River Delta

Amazing Places: Upper Salmon River Delta

Watch a two square kilometers of land disappear under the massive Bay of Fundy tides, and discover an estuary that teaming with life! Watch Great blue heron, and common Merganser Hens feast on small fish, and follow a white tail deer and her twin fawns as they comb the banks searching for tender Samfire Greens at sunrise.

This film was produced by VIDEOBAND and commissioned by the UNESCO designated Fundy Biosphere. It was funded by Mountain Equipment Co-op and Parks Canada, with in-kind support from Dr. Ian Mauro, Mount Alison University and The Postman Post Production Studio.

Directors: Ben Phillips & Craig Norris
Writer: Ben Phillips
Producers: Ben Phillips & Craig Norris
Executive Producer: Ben Phillips & Craig Norris
Director of Photography: Craig Norris
Editor: Craig Norris
Music: Brad Perry
Field Sound: Ben Phillips
Voice Over Recording: Marc Landry
Voice Over: Amy Stone
Camera Operator: Craig Norris
Graphic Design: Alan White
Animations: Blake Stilwell
Mix & Mastering: Marc Landry
Colour Correction: Craig Norris

Special thanks to Mountain Equipment Co-op, Dr. Ian Mauro, Mount Alison University, The Postman Post Production Studio, and Parks Canada.

©VIDEOBAND. All Rights Reserved.

This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of Canada and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.