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Surviving the Fundy Footpath – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Uncensored – Episode 1: Is He Ready?

Uncensored – Episode 2: Many of Firsts

Uncensored – Episode 3: Threading the Eye of the Needle

Uncensored – Episode 4: Hitting the Wall

Uncensored – Episode 5: Becoming a Hiker

Uncensored – Episode 6: Some Serious Chafing Going On

Kokota: The Islet of Hope

Sunrise on the Total Chaos

Amazing Places: Hiking the FBR (Series Trailer)

Amazing Places: Caribou Plain

Amazing Places: Goose River, The Mighty Tide and an Ancient Spruce

Amazing Places: Dickson Falls Micro Climate

Amazing Places: Laverty Falls

Amazing Places: Black Hole

Amazing Places: Moosehorn & Broad River Falls

Amazing Places: Upper Salmon River Delta

Amazing Places: The Shore Birds of Maryʼs Point & Johnsons Mills

The Whitney Journals

Documentary Photography Portfolio

Skratch Bastid, LIVE at EVOLVE Music Festival

Tupper Ware Remix Party, LIVE from Evolve

Grand Theft Bus, Live from Messtival

Force Fields, Live from Messtival

A Tribe Called Red, Electric Pow Wow Remix, Live from EVOLVE