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Skratch Bastid, LIVE at EVOLVE Music Festival

Skratch Bastid, LIVE at EVOLVE Music Festival

Skratch Bastid on the Sunflower Stage at Evolve Music Festival in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, on July 12th, 2014. Audio: A Tribe Called Quest’s “Steve Biko (Stir It Up)” x Classified’s “Anything Goes” (Skratch Bastid blend).

This film was produced by VIDEOBAND and commissioned by the EVOLVE Music estival.

Director: Craig Norris
Producer: Craig Norris
Executive Producer: Craig Norris
Director of Photography: Craig Norris
Editor: Craig Norris
Assistant Director: Ben Phillips
Music: Skratch Bastid
Sound Recording: Marc Landry
Production Assistant: Roxy Norris
Jib Operator: Blake Stilwell
Camera Operators: Andrew MacCormack, Craig Norris, Louie-Philippe Chiasson, Michel Guitard
Animations: Blake Stilwell
Mix and Mastering: Marc Landry
Colour Correction: Craig Norris

Rental equipment provided by The Postman Post Production Studio, Hemmings House & Equifilm.

Special thanks to festival director Jonas Hector Colter, Signature Sounds, Skratch Bastid and all the dancers.

©VIDEOBAND. All Rights Reserved.

This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of Canada and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.